Congress (widely known a Khangress) is a corrupt political party, controlled by the Nehru-Ganhi Family.It is the most corrupt party in the history of world. Currently being ruled by former soviet intelligence agency KJB agent and Italy born Antonia Maino, the paty is known for its pro-sentiment feelings towards Swizerland and Pakistan, and is known toi suffer from Ramdevphobia and Annaphobia. The party is proven to be a pro-Muslim party, and promotes Sharia laws. The party workd on the principal of "vote bank" politics, and expects only Hindu to be secular, while it gives complete freeddom to anti-national elements like Kashmiri separatists to promote terrorism and hatred towards Indian culture. Congress has secret links with Islamist terrorist organization, and has been providing financial help and security to Indian Mujahideen and Lashka-e-Taiba, and has been saving terrorists like Azmal Kasab and Azal Guru, just or the sake of Muslims' votes. Backed by other corrupt parties like DMK, SP, NCP and BSP, its the disfortune of the Indian people that the Congress is currenlty in power.